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West Bengal - the state that stretches for about 300 miles from the Himalayas to the Bay of Bengal. The intellectual heartland of India. Along with its rich cultural traditions and history, the West Bengal of the 21st century speaks for technological and industrial advancement and is poised to play a major role in India’s forward march, globally. Unfortunately, much is not known of this transformation of the state, the rich culture and the natural majesty that the state has to offer.

Rising Bengal aims at disseminating the spirit of nationalism by highlighting the resurgent struggle against all anti-national forces hellbent on sabotaging the unity and integrity of our motherland. We are determined to present authentic and reliable information to you, and unmask the spread of misinformation and mendacious propaganda, along with a highly distorted version of the history of India and West Bengal. This egregious news portal would not only supply the readers with daily updates but also embark on a quest to present and analyse the news from a perspective unique and investigative. Rising Bengal seeks to delve in the lost avenues of glorious past of our country and our homes state and establish the identity and self-esteem of its people.


Our mission as an online news magazine is to ensure that "Rising Bengal", a general interest news portal becomes the cornerstone of investigative journalism in West Bengal and India. We will publish a credible and influential magazine that will galvanize the public, especially the government and decision-makers into taking actions that will change the political, socio- economic landscape, and society in general for the better. We will focus on business and economy, energy, environment, politics, sports, folklore, heritage, and culture of West Bengal and give rise to the spirit of Bengal's entrepreneurship. We will use Rising Bengal magazine to fight any form of injustice and highlight the neglected, discriminated, or marginalized in our quest to build a better West Bengal and thus, India.


Our vision is to build a reputable and world-class online media portal whose watchwords are professionalism, integrity, and resurgence of West Bengal.

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Shantanu Som

Director & CTO, Rising Bengal

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